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Here is a little information about the company and how to contact them.


What if I have questions, comments and/or problems?

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Opinion Square has just gave me this opportunity so I figured I would show you all in cyber land the offer they gave me. Put this is your arsenal of survey sites this way you can be mobile and still get paid.



We thank you for responding to our survey! During the survey you indicated that you own a Palm or Windows smartphone, which qualifies you for an exciting additional opportunity with MobileXpression.com Score, a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital marketing intelligence, is building an exclusive research panel to understand the opinions of this elite group who own this exciting new mobile phone technology.

Everyone wins at MobileXpression! In addition to helping shape the future of mobile, you will earn a chance to win a 42″ Plasma HDTV, a Garmin Nuvi 750, Bose Noise-Cancelling headphones, $5 Amazon.com gift card, or other great prizes.

The button below will connect you to the MobileXpression registration website where you can learn more about the mobile research panel, sign-up and download and install our software. We hope you are as excited by this offer as we are and we thank you in advance for your interest and participation.



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Army Strong.


Just a reminder make sure if you have not already done so check out the section that says always do this first. I explain to you some short cuts in doing some of the repetitive tasks like filling out your personal information.


Get Paid taking surveys with OpinionSquare that turn points into great stuff like electronics, and stuff for your kids and your entire family. Membership is free to join you do need to install some software on your computer, however they stress about the privacy part. This program monitors what you do on the internet and generates your surveys with your interest in mind. One of the best things is each and every time you complete one of their surveys you will be given an entry into their $100,000 sweepstakes.


You can contact them via the support forum with a detailed question and someone from the Support Team will respond within 48 hours, Monday-Friday.  





Their awards are fair and you are paid according to the length of the survey. Some of the low end surveys for OpinionSquare offer you $5 gift cards for stores like target or blockbuster. Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays even Starbucks (who could not use a free coffee every now and then). The list of companies is way too long to post here just know there all well know companies. Now for the good part at the high end you can choose from household electrical items or even a free subscription to some of the great chocolate clubs. (Just don’t let your wife eat all the chocolate) For each survey you complete, you get 200 points rarely more than that. The surveys last a few minutes or so. You need 2,800 points to cash out for a $10 gift card.


OpinionSquare might not be for everyone however I have yet to have any problems with them. Just do your research and look at what I have posted, also make sure your system will handle it and you should not have any problems either. Just on a quick note they do say in general, they support most Microsoft Operating systems. Pop-up surveys are only delivered via an Internet Explorer browser; however, anyone surfing with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or AOL can receive a pop-up survey provided Internet Explorer is installed on your computer. 


I’ve taken a survey that paid $15.00 cash. The check came with 3 weeks. So go ahead and join. The points accumulate fast. Most points and tokens are posted within 24 hours. The way I see it the more online survey companies you join the more surveys you will receive and in the end you profit from them.


Please let me know if this article helped you or if there is anything I could do to make this site better.  Have a great wonderful fantastic day.


I hope this explaines how you can and will get paid by doing surveys with Opinion Square

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