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How do you Get paid for using MemoLink?

Memolink has surveys, shopping links, etc. All earn you points which you cash in. I was just paid for using memolink for the first time, so they are paying.


My girlfriend is a shopaholic, and the owner of dozens of pairs of shoes, an avid online shopper. She comes across great deals online all the time.  When she is saving my money and not wasting it I am happy and with this site she can actually get the stuff she needs wants and desires without breaking my wallet.



Here is some information about the company.


7596 W. Jewell Ave
Suite 104
Lakewood, CO   80232
United States
Tel: 303-985-2700




You will get cash back for shopping, get points for taking surveys daily


You must follow directions to be rewarded, and cannot use outside discounts



Memolink gives you points when you shop online through the site.  Each store has a certain number of points per $ or points per purchase.  These points add up and can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and more.  My girlfriend takes online surveys through them almost every day and earns points for sharing her opinion.  In addition, they have a double-points site every day.  Interested persons should look at what the site has to offer.

Not only do they have points but they often have great money-saving offers from merchants like free or reduced shipping, $ off a certain purchase amount, or a percentage off any purchase.  These special offers are really more valuable than the points you get back for the shopping. 

However, the site is very picky about what constitutes a click-through.  For instance, you can’t add items to your cart and come back to buy them later — you have to remove them and re-add them or it won’t count them.  You also can not use a coupon or code you received outside of memolink.  For example, you can’t use a $5 off coupon from a magazine, but you can use a store membership discount (like 10% off at Barnes and Noble for being a member). So as you see you get paid for using memolink, now get with it and join why delay, start today!

Overall, this site is a great way to get back a little extra cash for shopping online.


Leave me a comment so I can continue improving this site and making it better for everyone in cyber world.

Now you should understand How to Get paid for Using MemoLink, I hope this review has helped you.

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