• Minimum Age to Join: 18
  • Rewards: Points, which are redeemable for gifts such as jewelry, electronics, toys, and household items to name a few as well as sweepstake offers
  • Minimum Balance for Redemption: no minimum
  • Regions of Participation: United States and Canada

Nielsen Home Scanner
770 Broadway,

New York, New York 10003, U.S.A

  • Who is Nielsen Home Scanner?
    Nielson Home Scanner known as the Homescan Consumer Panel or National Consumer Panel is a division of ACNielsen, which is a global marketing research firm. The company is worldwide with headquarters in New York City with regional headquarters for North American in Schaumburg, Illinois. The history of the ACNielsen began in Chicago, Illinois in 1923 by Arthur C. Nielsen to provide marketers with accurate and unbiased information on the various marketing and sales programs. Today, the Nielsen Company operates in over 100 countries.
  • What does Nielsen Home Scanner do?
    Those chosen to participate as members of the Homescan Consumer Panel or National Consumer Panel are provided with a scanner and instructions on scanning items they purchase. The scanner comes with a USB cable and a battery charger. Several different stores in the database are included in the scanning process. Consumers will scan all items purchased from specific stores and then via the USB cable upload the information to the website or via the telephone once per week.
  • Why Should I join Nielsen Home Scanner?
    Becoming a participate in the Homescan Consumer Panel or National Consumer Panel provides you with the opportunity to save points for great gifts including household products, video games, toys, jewelry and more. As a member of the panel, you are entered into contests for uploading your scans once per week. These contests offer prizes such as money, a new car, or a cruise.
  • Where do I sign up for Nielsen Home Scanner?
  •  By joining Nielsen Homescan, you can make a difference with your opinions, earn points towards gifts and take part in the monthly sweepstakes! Click Here Then fill out a very brief form to take your first step towards becoming a National Consumer Panelist.
  • How often do I scan for Nielsen Home Scanner?
    Members of the Homescan Consumer Panel or National Consumer Panel need to scan items that are purchased each time they go shopping at the grocery store or retail stores listed in the instructions.
  • How does Nielsen Home Scanner pay me?
    Nielsen Home Scanner does not pay participates in the program accept in the way of points.

Summary of Nielsen Home Scanner
Being a member of the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel is letting others hear your voice on the products you purchase whether it is food, beverages, toys, or clothing, among many other items. While providing the information on products you purchase you are given the opportunity to save points for great gifts and win prizes through various contests. Overall, it is a great way to share your opinions through the products you purchase and surveys that are provided and the chance to receive great prizes.

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3 Responses
  1. A well written article to be sure. Keep up the good work.

  2. angela says:

    Hi i am waiting for my scanner to arrive, is it defo Nielsen that pay for use of my phone bill to retrieve information from scanner?

  3. Gringo says:

    Normaly they will not pay for use of your phone it is part of the normal process that people have a phone and acess to the internet, but if this changed let me know. Keep us posted as to how your scanning is going and if you found this site usefull.


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