What are some of the pros and cons about surveys? When you do legit online surveys it is just like having a JOB. Yes I said the nasty word, JOB, most people fail because they do not treat legit online surveys as a home business and hence they fail. You have to put time and effort into them, yes TIME. When you first start out taking legit online surveys you will have to wait 4-6 weeks before you get your first check in the mail. Some do pay sooner but if I give you the worst case scenario, you won’t be mad at me.
Before you get your hopes up I should tell you what I have found from doing legit online surveys for the past 2 years. When starting out you will average around $0.50 (yes fifty cents) through $3.00. The average time it takes to complete legit online surveys would be 10-30 minutes for each one (Some can be more). So, no you will not get rich over night doing them but heck with the way the economy has been would this money hurt? So now that I have your attention and the others who wanted a quick buck have left this page, let’s get down to the pros and cons about surveys.
We shall start with the cons to weed out the people who really would not be a good fit for legit online surveys.

• Online surveys only make you a little bit of money when you start .50-$3.00 for 10-15 minutes of work.
• Online surveys take time and you have to read. Some people don’t make the time to do this.
• Online surveys can sometimes be repetitive and cumbersome.
• Online surveys can spam your email accounts with unwanted junk mail.
• Online surveys do not have a set schedule when they come into your email account.

Now for the good stuff and the reason you came here the Pro’s.


• Online surveys are perfect for the stay at home mom or dad.
• Online surveys are for your teenagers who love spending dad and mom’s money.
• Online surveys are perfect for people who live on a fixed income and want extra cash.
• Online surveys do not require any special skills or long job interviews.
• Online Surveys can be done at home, in your office or on the road. They can be done at your convenience.
So give them a try but remember my key points and stick with it.
1. Online surveys take time and do not pay tons of money.
2. You need to do them for 4-6 weeks before you get your first check.
3. Open a separate email account for your legit online surveys.

Start out with these legit online surveys first!

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  1. Nadine says:

    Can i get a one small picture from your blog?

  2. Gringo says:

    Yes you may however plz let me know what picture you are using ty.

  3. Kelwyn Suite says:

    It’s always so nice when articles contain content with bulleted points.

    My experience with surveys have been somewhat discouraging. I’ve done pages upon pages in some surveys, then told basically that that was just the introduction.

    I need the money but they became somewhat annoying and I called it quits.

    Good luck though, to those who have the inclination and the time

  4. Doris Culmer says:

    I must say, I enjoy reading your blog. Could let me know how I can go about subscribing with it? I feel I should let you know I stumbled upon this blog through Bing.

  5. Johnny Cieri says:

    I’m thrilled I bothered to check this out. It cleared up several things for me. On a side note, you all keep this place looking pretty darn good

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