I have been doing online survey site reviews now for a long time, so this will be my opinion and thoughts about Bigspot.com survey site in review and only my opinions.

So the question is BigSpot.com a Survey Scam Site?

The main reason for this post is I have seen many commercials on the television stations for this site. I just seen an advertisement today about bigspot. So let the digging begin is Bigspot.com a scam?
Be careful of this website. Here is a short peek at their disclaimer. This Website is offered “as is.”  Varsityplaza LLC in no way makes any warranty regarding the use, functionality or content of this website or any other website linked to or advertised on THE WEBSITE.  Varsityplaza LLC disclaims all warranties including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

They advertise it as a paid survey company, meaning they imply that you get surveys directly from them and receive compensation through them. From what I have seen the only thing Bigspot is would be a database of other online survey companies.
They just show you legit online survey companies.
Paid Online Surveys

Once you sign up for them they will offer you pay to click sites, please stay away from these! Pay to click sites can lead to you having out of pocket expenses such as credit card offers. BigSpot wants you to think those sites are Online Survey Sites. They are not online surveys. This is why I state that Bigspot.com is a scam.
Online surveys or Market Research companies do not sell your information to third parties. They do not offer you free credit card trial accounts or show you how to make money with pay to click sites.
This would make them a no-go in my book. So basically they set themselves up as an affiliate marketer. They are providing you with information to other sites, you sign up via their links thinking they have some secret database that no one else has and they get paid for each survey company you sign up for. They also get paid for each “sponsor offer” you sign up for. Again be very careful of those so called sponsor offers!

They are Total bogus in my opinion. What I would like to know is what are they doing with the information they receive? On their sign up page they collect a lot of your private and personal information, who are they giving this too?
Yes they do have a privacy policy on their main page but why would you give your information to a company that does nothing more then what I give to you for free? You need to be the judge on this one.
I can provide you with the same information without asking for your personal or demographic data
You do not need to sign up for any site that claims to collect your demographics in order to match you with paid survey or market research companies.
On one final note I do not have any proof that they give out your information or anything else for that matter it is just one of those sites that make you say hummm. So you decide on your own fate.
So bottom line In my opinion Bigspot.com is a scam and I would stay away from them.
This is just my opinion.

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96 Responses
  1. JM says:

    ipsos calls their points “rewards,” but you can cash them in for gift cards, charitable donations or checks. I think 1000 points is the minimum for getting a check in the mail. I have been using the site for a couple months now and have been able to cash in my “rewards” for several checks now.

  2. Gringo says:

    Thanks for the input JM I still love ipsos and still use them. I have cashed out more times then I can remember from them. This is a great company in my opinion.

    I should be updating the Free Paid Survey List real soon I have about 110 companies or so that I will be writing about. It is just a little hard at the moment because I am deployed out here in Afghanistan :(

    But the Army life after 22 years is soon over for me woot!

    Dont forget to check out the main page for my list of top Free Paid Surveys

    Thanks again for the comment please keep them comming.

  3. I have not received any surveys in some time. Is there a reason for this> I wait for your reply.

  4. Gringo says:

    What survey companies have you signed up with? How many did you sign up with? There are alot of unanswered questions so I would not be able to give you a good honest answer. I hope you did not try and register with bigspot com like I write in this article they are none to be a bad reputable company. However they have a big marketing budget and for that reason are able to get alot of people to sign up with them.

    Well if you need any 1 on 1 information you can email me at helpdesk@survey-101.com and I shall try and answer your questions.

  5. it is not a scam they really do pay!!

  6. colin says:

    So, by your opinions, should I give it a try?

  7. Gringo says:

    I would say only try it if you have a brand new email address and you do not mind getting spammed.

    I have tried to put only good valuable paid surveys here on my site these are ones I use and there is no fee for signing up with them. I have been doing them for over 3 years and yes I have been paid. If you think they offer something better for you then give it a try and please come back and let me know the results, however I have been there and done that and did not see any better results.

    Hope this helps clear things up.

  8. Perrish says:

    Hey I just joined the website you posted and I was wondering what is the fastest way that you earn money on that website?

  9. menola says:

    so what are good paying survey sites

  10. evan says:

    is there a survey site that doesn’t require such personal information?

  11. Sam Greene says:

    IDk if this website still works but do these websites you post only give out money or like other “rewards”. And how much do they pay you for each question you respond to. Also how do they pay you through mail, banks. Just wanted to know
    Mr. Greene

  12. Kristy says:

    Zoompanel.com is a place for surveys…you get reward points and then turn them in for stuff….I have gotten am/fm radios and lots of books…the more points you get, the better the prize

  13. Kristy says:

    Zoompanel is a good place for surveys. You get award points and turn those in for stuff. I have gotten am/fm radios and lots of books. The more points, the bigger the prize…I enjoy the surveys.

  14. Alicia says:

    Zoompanel is not legit they always have extra stuff they want u to sign up on and credit card offers u don’t get paid unless u buy their product

  15. James Graves says:

    This is not what they indicate they are in their adds on TV. They will absolutley inundate you with other companies who “pay” for your survey efforts. My experience is most don’t pay money. They offer you coupons and discounts. If you are looking to make money performing surveys Big Spot isn’t the place to go. You will be required to give all sorts of information to each site in order to take surveys. The thing is that a lot of these companies are doing this just to get your information. Then, watch e-mail box fill up with junk mail. Believe me, you will be amazed at all the junk mail you start getting.
    The bottom line is that Big Spot isn’t at all what they say they are. No money.

  16. beverly dejohnette says:

    Please contact me to talk more about the surveys

  17. Gringo says:

    Just send me an email and I shall try and answer any and all questions you have or leave a comment here so others can see the answer as well. Thansk for stopping by my page.

  18. Gringo says:

    ZoomPanel is a different kind of company and every now and then they offer visa/mastercards as rewards and that is normally when I cash out. I used those cards over christmas to buy family and friends gifts. So imo they still belong in the good group. I like them because even when you do not qualify for the whoel survey you still get some points and some points are better then none at all.

  19. alisha says:

    is this a lagite website do they actually pay u for surveys or is it a scam

  20. dan says:

    I have a lot of free time online so I’m wondering what’s a LEGIT site for me to take surveys to earn some money and whatnot (WITHOUT spending money or providing credit card info, phone #, other sketchy stuff etc.).
    Is Bigspot.com good? From what I read up there it’s not good i guess?

    Lemme know, need some extra cash. Btw, how do they pay you? like on bigspot or on any other sites?

  21. Gringo says:

    All the sites I have listed I have personnaly used and yes they do pay and are legit. Some pay via paypal others check by mail and others pay via credit card or points for free stuff on thier site. Hope this helps.

  22. DK says:

    Gringo, you hit the nail on the head. If theres an honest survey site on line I sure wish someone could find it & let me know. They ask u questions but then u either have to sign up for some of their sponcers products, at least 2 or u not the right age group. They all want ur phone number. I have not found a legit site yet. So please keep checking and post it if u find a legit site.I have been looking for about 6 years & still looking. Sincerely; oceanjr@yahoo.com Email me please if u find one!

  23. Shine says:

    ok i would like to earn a little extra money but have no clue about any of this stuff i have been looking in on the website u put up. and i rly think id like to give it a try, but ive never had a paypal in my life. is there a way to do it with out going through ur bank account (i dont use credit cards)? u say they are a good site but do they try to scam u? what are the rewards/cash like? how do they determine how much to pay u?
    id love it if u could get back to me to me with greater detail on all this.
    thanks, shine.blackheart@yahoo.com

  24. Gringo says:

    I see you found my website and had some questions in regards to taking online surveys. Well like I have said on my site please realize this is not going to make you rich, however it can and will if you put the effort into it provide you with some extra income. The sites that I have posted on http://www.survey-101.com I have and currently use. Not all of the sites require you to use paypal. Some will send you a check to your house. Paypal is just another way of getting your money quicker. If you have doubts or fears about paypal open a new account at your local bank and use that to get your paypal money. I would never use my main bank it is just the fear thing in my opinion.

    Most of the online survey companies will send you about 3 surveys a week at a minimal, but you probably will not qualify for each one. This is why it takes time to reach payout. But as long as you are dedicated and willing to answer question and give your feedback then you will do fine. Sign up with as many companies as your can this way you will have multiple streams of income from many survey companies. Just never pay for a survey list, to many people have listed the good online surveys on websites for you to join. Well if you have any specific questions about any of the online survey companies feel free to ask me and I will do my best to give you a prompt answer.

    Good luck and I hope this answered your question.

    PS. How did you find my website? The reason I am asking this is I am trying to find out how to better make the site so other people can find it on the web as well. Thanks.
    What was the first impression you had of the site and is their anything I could do to make the site better for users like you or anyone else. Thanks again.

    v/r John Bittner

  25. lee burrell says:

    i am new to this and was wanting to supplement my income and i am good with computers are any of these sites paying with real money and how does it come out time wise i mean how do you get your money or what do they offer

  26. Gringo says:

    Yes a lot of the sites pay with real money, however the so called catch is you have to reach payout. Some sites offer a pay out as low as 5$ while others you need at least 20$. Most online surveys that you take will pay in the range of $1 to $5 and some pay even higher. On average $1 per survey. You will not qualify for each and every survey you take. So be patient and do this to have multiple streams of income, not income by itself. If you look threw my site I have written many reviews on the top sites that I reccomend. I hope this helps if you need any more information shoot me an email at admin@survey-101.com

    v/r John

  27. honey says:

    Do we have to create the website for referrals? I would rather not. Will the whole thing work without the website?

  28. Gringo says:

    No you do not need a website for refferals but it helps a lot.

    v/r John Bittner

  29. drwimsett says:

    thanks for info on bigspot.i have been laid off after 16 yrs,would like to get alittle extra cash (no such thing) coming in.could you maybe send me some sites to check out. thank you doug

  30. smilingeyes says:

    would love to know more about makeing a little extra money doing surveys just like drwimsett said anything you can do to help would be appriciated thanks

  31. Gringo says:

    Look around on my site I have a list of free online paid survey sites that I currently use. If you have any questions about any of them that I have not covered or something looks weird or confusing let me know and I will change it. Just relize you will not get rich quick but you can and will make some extra money. The more online survey sites that you sign up for the more multiple streams of income you have. So for example if you get a cash out from 2 or 3 of the companies at 10 – 20$ every other month thats a free tank of gas. So any money is better than no money at all in my opinion. Do the surveys while you are doing other things while browsing on facebook or while watching a tv show at home. Or while you are at work :)

    Hope this helps someone.

  32. bexaminer says:

    Last year I tried BigSpot and was really disappointed. The amount of information they want initially seems unending. It just goes on and on and on. So, once you get past that you then are moved to a pages where you sign up for individual survey companies.

    I was doing this for some extra money. That was the whole point of it. And, if you watch the commercial it says earn extra money. Every time I would go to do a survey I always went to see what the compensation was. About 99% of the time it was in some sort of bogus credits. I didn’t want credits,I wanted cash. Here is the other thing that was extremely annoying. Before you begin a survey they want to get what they say is some background information to see if you are in the target market they want. The amount of information they want is unbelieveable. I could understand if they wanted to know your age, where you lived, sex, political affiliation etc. That makes sense. But really they are actually getting you to do a survey and then after a long time and a lot of information they say that they are sorry but you aren’t in the market they are looking for. That is a real scam. I haven’t had anything to do with them since then. That happened several times before I realized what they were doing. It’s just a scam and every time I see the commercial I shake my head. It’s not what most people want.

  33. I’m looking for a scam free on line survey. I need to make extra income. Something that will give me an extra $300-$500 a month. Will doing surveys give me this?

  34. Gringo says:

    Taking surveys is a good way for extra income but reaching the level you want right away would be real hard. While Yes I make around 700$ a month doing online surveys, I did not start out this way. The key is signing up with as many companies as you can the more you have the more streams of income you will generate. Work the surveys just like you would work at your normal job if one comes in do it right way. I hope this helps.


  35. John says:

    Great, this is what I was seeking for @author. Thanks!

  36. Antoine Thier says:

    Yes, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  37. Nicole says:

    Thank u for the info on bigspot!I really need some extra money but i feel uncomfortable trying the survey comps. I just don’t know who to trust and it would have sucked my first time trying to have been scammed by bigspot. Its great to know that someone is keeping a eye out warning people about the scammers!

  38. Gringo says:

    Np thats why I started this page. I started out by doing each and every survey that I found on the web and later found out I was wasting my time with certain online surveys. I have and still complete online surveys each and every day and have been making money from doing them for the past 5 years. You will never make a ton of money but every little bit helps out in the long run.

  39. Carrie says:

    THANK YOU FOR WARNING ME ABOUT BIGSPOT! I was just about to try it, but will check out your site and those surveys instead. Please keep up the good work of helping others! (:-)

  40. Frank Green says:

    I so appreciate the information you provide. It saves time, tears and frustration =:)…..and TIME IS MONEY.

    frank green

  41. Chris says:

    This is a great site! I saw BigSpot on tv and went on line to get re-
    Views and was happy to find your site. It is a very nice thing u do for people. I’m glad I did not use BigSpot thanks to u! I am going to ck ur survey sites.

    I am an older person of OOOPS! 66YRS. AN ANCIENT! LOL In all sincerity I would love to make 200-350.00 pr mo.
    Thanks for ur beautiful site and generousity of ur list.

  42. Eric Jaquez says:

    I would like to work for you too be able find new things

  43. Susan Smith says:

    How do we know your sit is legit?

  44. Survey-101 says:

    I have tried to do all the leg work for you and made screen shots to prove everything that I have said. Like I said it was my opinion I do not hold gospel to everything. This is my opinion and the evidence that I have gathered.

  45. Bruce says:

    Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  46. Ruston says:

    Gringo, this site is so awesome! I’ve just started doing research on the whole survey thing, and this site is very helpful in supplying me with the acknowledge needed to begin making some extra income! Have some questions about creating a website, specifically how it helps. Any feed back would be extremely appreciated!! Again, this site provides so much info and is really helping me get started!!

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