Have you been offered a survey by ArbitronMobile panel? Do you want to know if they are a legitimate online survey company and will they pay you the 5$ they promised. The short and easy answer is yes if you complete the sign up process and input your mobile telephone number you will get a crisp clean 5 dollar bill in the mail from them. There are many online survey companies that do this. Do not think you will become rich overnight because most of the survey companies pay in the range of 1-3$ for online surveys that range in time from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. I have been doing these types of online surveys and panels for well over 5 years and yes I have been paid. Here are just a few of the ones I recommend you trying out. Then read below to find out more information on ArbitronMobile panel.

Take Surveys at GlobalTestMarket
Survey Savvy

Cash Crate

Here are the steps to join ArbitronMobile and the exact steps I took to sign up with them

1st Complete the registration it should look similar to this screen shot.


2nd  you will get an email telling you to go to a website from your phone and download an application from ArbitronMobile the email will read like this:

Dear Panelist,

Thank you for joining the study. Your participation will contribute to the development of better mobile services and applications.

Please download the research application by visiting http://topspot.go2cloud.org/SH4b with your mobile browser. Please ensure the Internet settings are set in your mobile phone, and allow the research application all the permissions for installation. For further help, please visit http://app.zokem.com/howto/ to see individual platform installation instructions.

This research is anonymous. Only aggregated and anonymous data is used to conduct the research. You are free to resign from the study at any time, however, your participation is highly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact us helpdesk@ssisurveys.com

Kind regards,
ArbitronMobile Team

This process will download and install Arbitron Mobile SSI US application on your phone.

3rd Once you open the application from ArbitronMobile it will ask you to fill out your Birthday and Email along with if you are a male or female. Once you click next it will ask you to input your mobile phone number.  Then select ok.

4th You will get a message that reads “To complete your registration, a research application that enables data collection will be started on your phone”

5th You will get the message MobileLife “You have successfully joined the panel now. Please close this application and continue using your phone as usually.”


That’s it it is that easy.

Zokem is now Arbitron Mobile

Zokem, a market leader in next-generation mobile audience measurement and analytics, has been acquired by Arbitron Inc. (NYSE:ARB), a leading U.S. media and marketing research firm.

Arbitron Mobile provides a 360° view of the mobile audience through the Mobile Life smartphone panels run by our people and by our partners in major markets. With one simple mobile application, you may find out which apps get the most face time from the mobile audience, or what are the top markets and contexts for different service categories. Arbitron Mobile allows you to benchmark your mobile service offering against your competition, carry out technical measurements, such as signal strengths, track consumer behavior and opinions, measure your mobile ad campaigns, and much more.

Arbitron Inc. is a media research firm that provides information services used by the media, their advertisers and advertising agencies to develop local marketing strategies. Consistent with our corporate values of honesty, integrity and trust, Arbitron is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. Arbitron has been around since 2007. Arbitron is based in the United States of America.
Arbitron Mobile is a pioneer in the next generation mobile analytics, working globally with top players from the media measurement and wireless industries. Our Mobile Insights, which are extracted through patented on-device solutions, have been featured widely in the media, e.g. on CNN, New York Times, eWeek, GigaOM, Computerworld and Yahoo. Arbitron Mobile is part of Arbitron Inc., a leading media measurement company with 1500 employees worldwide.


Congratulations, you are eligible to join the ArbitronMobile panel!

To sign up, please fill in the information below, and install the research application to your mobile device. Please give the research application the requested permissions during installation. During the study, the application will automatically collect anonymous research data of your Smartphone usage, such as application and Internet usage.

Participation in this study is free, however, normal data transfer costs apply according to your mobile data plan.

ArbitronMobile panel is not a scam it is a research company that will pay you real money for your time and efforts.

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  1. Gringo says:

    Let me know if you have anything to add to this article or if you have another company that you would like me to write about.

  2. Marjorie says:

    This was very good info from you, I am with a lot of the survey companies on here. So I know they are legit company. Because I have been with a lot of them for a while now. Thank you for having this great info. Marjorie

  3. dkrycek says:

    I have been thinking about doing paid surveys for a while now. It’s good to know that there are actually many out there that aren’t scams. Maybe I’ll start getting into them!

  4. Survey-101 says:

    It is a good way to make a few extra dollars every now and then.

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